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Written by Sunday, 31 May 2009 22:57

Behind the News by Malek el Khazen

Sunni shift of Policy - Lebanese election no change - New Strategies in the Middle East Regions btw Israel - Arab governments and Iran

 This article purpose is to point to your attention the shift in the Sunni position in Lebanon and the region overall. The upcoming election in Lebanon is only important for Lebanese but will NOT make a difference in the region. In fact, the real fight will be in the Christian cities and very few cities that are not Christian dominated. The Sunni Majority will still be under the Future movement control which has very close ties with Egyptian and Saudi-Arabia governments. The Chi’a majority will still be under Hezbollah and Amal control which has very close ties to Iran and Syria governments. You will still find Christians allied to both camps regardless the election results. And this will maintain equilibrium. The biggest change is that if the Christians that are allied with Hezbollah and Amal win election instead of nominating Hariri as head of the Gornment, Mikati most likely will be the nominee (currently allied with the Future movement). So all of these articles pointing to the regional importance of the Lebanese elections are not correct because if you analyze the situation very carefully the only change will happen is in the Christian regions and this is ASSUMING that CHANGE will happen. And from a regional perspective there are no major differences between Mikati and Hariri.
In fact, I will list number of facts later in the articles and you will notice the Egyptian Government (who is a main supporter of the current Lebanese Government and the Lebanese majority Coalition led by the Future movement) lead a fierce campaign against Hezbollah during the month of April until the beginning of the moth May. The Egyptian Gov have arrested some Hezbollah members, this is not new for some members of Hezbollah to get arrested in Egypt (previously  in 2008 they were other members that were arrested) but what is new is the media campaign that Egypt has pursued against Hezbollah and Iran in a second plan through Hezbollah. They went so far in mocking the leader of Hezbollah. After President Mubarak meeting with the Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, the media campaign against Hezbollah leader completely stopped. But what is important to note is that after this meeting the Lebanese Internal Security Forces lead by Riffi who is very close to the Future movement is leading the arrest against the Israel spies in Lebanon. So as you can notice there is a shift of strategy with the Sunni in the region. In fact, just notice Egyptian government lead a campaign against Hezbollah then this campaign completely stop after the meeting of Mubarak and Netanyahu and their allies in Lebanon (The Lebanese government controlled by the majority coalition Future movement) after this meeting instead of continuing targeting Iran and Hezbollah spies are NOW targeting Israeli Spies in Lebanon. This strengthens Hezbollah position and weakens Israel position greatly. Why this shift of the Sunni strategy in the region in a so short of time from targeting Hezbollah spies to a shift targeting Israeli spies? Yes Egypt government has clear links with the Sunni Majority in Lebanon. So let us not try to assume that what is currently happening in Lebanon is not at the least I could say supported by Egypt. So the question is why this shift of strategy of the Sunni governments in the Middle East and suddenly getting very close to Hezbollah and Iran by leading the arrest of the Israeli spies in Lebanon?
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I will join a Party When…

Written by Malek el Khazen

Currently there are no true parties in Lebanon.  In fact the most powerful and influential “parties” are all controlled by one man in Lebanon. Notice how many years their leaders are holding the top positions. And the funny phenomenon is that these positions seem to be property of the current leader instead of being the property of the party. Hence all these top positions are inherited from one generation to the other by family connections or closest advisor to the current leader. Is it possible that every member in the same party share 100% the same position then its leader.  This seems to be the case in Lebanon. Every member of the same party has the exact same position. If you are one of the reader that do not accept that a country is governed by the same President or Prime Minister for decades and you are currently part of a party why would you accept that  a party is govern by the same leadership branch for decades?
The big themes and strategy within one party should be the same. But tactics or different views for a specific law I do not see harm to voice difference. Sometimes difference is good! Let us take an example all of the members of the Democratic Party or Republican Party in the senate in USA never vote for a law the same way. Of course usually you find the majority of the party vote this way or vote that way. But they are always some members from both parties that cross the aisle towards the other party for some specific and sometimes even critical laws. You can find some cases in Lebanon with some few lawmakers but they are very few and this phenomenon is not very much welcome by the current leadership of the party.
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Cheikh Malek el Khazen Profile (DNA Below) :


Cheikh Malek el Khazen is the founder of website and an expert in the technology and communication fields. mission statement: is a website dedicated to the De Khazen family, a family associated with the history of Lebanon, the Maronite Patriarch, the Lebanese Presidency, Mount-Lebanon, the Maronite community and the worldwide Catholic mission. The website aims to provide documentation manuscripts and analysis to its readers on the history of the Maronites, the De Khazen family key roles in the founding of what is known today as the Modern Lebanon and analysis on important events.


Professional Career


Cheikh Malek is currently residing in the United States. He is a lead Client Information Architect. He represents many of the Fortune 500 companies. Additionally, he works closely with international Public governments in the field of technology. 

He specializes on solution that impact citizens and leads Public Cities or Enterprises to “Smarter Solutions” He has a proven track of leading many Cities to “Smarter Cities”.  Outcome of his projects aims to reduce energy and water-waste, improve transportation, decrease gas costs and pollution, and increase inter-communication between various departments. 

He received many awards from major technology firms and Honor Societies. 


Some of his Key Projects 


- Leading the solution and delivery of “Smarter Education” at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee. The purpose was to offer a platform to support faculty and the 40,000-plus students in more than 100 universities in North America and provide them with IT classes based on the IBM and SAP technology. As a result, students have gained more skills on programs that are being used day to day by Fortune 500 companies and were more favorable than other candidates during the hiring process.

- Working with the city of Milwaukee and government of Wisconsin  to implement urban agricultural systems, making recommendations through technology to improve those systems & reduce water waste.


Cheikh Malek also published articles on development techniques and the effective use of architectural solutions.



Khazen Family History and path to Lebanon (scientific results from DNA sample of an El Khazen member)





Cheikh Malek Fady El Khazen (born in 1981) founder of descendant of Chidiac Sarkis El Khazen (born in 1570) who is the common ancestor of most of the current members of the El khazen family has participated in the Genographic project by taking a sample of his DNA and sent it for test results to the labs of the scientist Spencer Wells lab. The result of this test is very important since it traces the paternal history (through 50 thousands years ago) of the majority of the members of the Khazen family. The results will be the exact same for every member of the Khazen family descendant of Chidiac Sarkis El Khazen (born in 1570) which is most of the khazen family.


Cheikh Malek Fady El Khazen has tested his Y chromosome, which is passed down from father to son and reveals the Khazen direct paternal ancestry up to 50 0000 years ago, therefore the Y chromosome will give the exact same result to all the Khazen Family members. In fact, the Y does not have a matching chromosome most of it (the non-recombining region) escapes the shuffling process known as recombination (between male and female) that occurs every generation in the rest of our genome.  This allows the Y to be passed down through a purely male line changed only by random mutation line. In this test Cheikh Malek Fady El Khazen analyzed the Y chromosome which is a purely male line therefore a purely khazen descent.The results reveal our deep ancestry along our single paternal line of direct descent (and show the migration paths they followed thousands of years ago. The results will also place us on a particular branch of the human family tree. These results have confirmed our expectations of our history. This scientific study is first divided in a history and information of the geographic project and the second part describes in detail the DNA results of the el Khazen family and analysis.

Please Click Read more to view results of the DNA test by the Khazen family and their history and information about the project





Written by Saturday, 4 April 2009 00:00

 Malek El Khazen, November 2008 - Let us ask ourselves this first question: How did the Republicans fail? or did the Republicans really fail? Let me rephrase this question to what was different that made the Democrats win? The answer seems easy and yes it is logical, and the same process was applied in France, in Zimbabwe and many other countries during election within these last 2 years. What has made the difference in all of these elections are what we will call in this article the silent citizens but not so silent anymore. They are the new registered voters. There is also another variable that all of these candidates were successful enough in convincing their citizens on the ASSUMPTION of CHANGE, HOPE, TRUST and EXPERIENCE.


Written by Saturday, 4 April 2009 00:00

Is it About HIV?  Hidden Agenda!

Written by Malek Khazen

Reading the news these last 2 weeks in regards of the visit of His Holiness the Pope to Africa all what I find are extreme articles carrying hidden agenda against Catholics and clergy positions. You might be surprised and wonder is there new positions about condom use from the Catholics Church that we are not aware of? No they are not!! This is the disturbing part of it. These are ideological, spiritual believes that never changed and the Church has always argued against the use of condoms.

I will cite some titles of articles that were posted only during the days between Mach 26th and March 30th. The purpose of me citing these articles is to outline the extremism in most of the media thoughts.

1.         Wrong Message from the PopeWashington post March 30th

2.         Pope 'distorted' HIV evidence  - ‎Mar 27, 2009‎

3.         Please Pontiffs Remain In Rome New Vision - ‎Mar 27, 2009‎

4.         Pope damns condoms in AIDS-ravaged Africa Vancouver Sun - ‎Mar 27, 2009‎

5.         Facebook group attacks the Vatican with condom campaign  - ‎Mar 27, 2009‎

6.         The Catholic Church should put its own house in order Daily Nation - ‎Mar 26, 2009‎

As you can notice, these journalists (I am not sure if they should be called Journalists), only from the titles of their articles (or should I say propaganda) are not looking for a debate, and/or resolving the HIV sickness  but rather looking to clash with the Catholics in general and specifically with the Catholics Church. The second important point is that this is only a small illustration of the propaganda that Vatican has been dealing with since a decade until now and most importantly this is only 6 articles out of thousands of cartoons and articles mocking the Holy Father. Also, these articles are not just written by ordinary people, but they are published within the biggest Media networks where it is read by thousands of users. Unfortunately I am a person where my article will just be published in my website, twitter account and facebook not much. You can argue I don’t have the skills. Or my English is weak. But then, my question to you is how come all of these huge networks where articles were published were all one sided articles not offering an alternative or an efficient debate about condoms but rather a Personal attack against the Holy Father?

Written by Saturday, 4 April 2009 00:00

Lebanese elections strange Phenomenon.

Written By Malek el Khazen

The Lebanese elections are a strange phenomenon. Usually in an election in any developed countries, the citizens of these countries are interested about the candidates, biography, achievements and most importantly debating their political electoral Program or the party program they represent.   In another perspective, we the Lebanese voters have been all waiting for the next elections “June 7” 2009. Media, newspapers, elites and us the people we all discuss about these elections with passion. But notice our discussions are who do you think will win? Who will be running? Who will be part of this or that list?

For us to really improve our country I believe it is very important to know what we are voting for. Let us take a simple example, in the United States candidates start campaigning before 2 years of the elections. Yes 2 years!! But the citizens will know everything about the candidate from his personal life to all of his political stands throughout his life and most importantly achievements. Sometimes knowing so much, could backlash!  As an example, let us take many nominations from President Obama Cabinet where candidates have not paid all their taxes and had to withdraw. But in USA we can hold politicians accountable for. Since we know their platform and what they are running for.

 In contrast, In Lebanon can we hold these candidates accountable for? Let us not blame the candidates. The only ones to blame are OURSELVES!. Yes I will not say that all candidates have political programs. But many of them do. The issue is us as Lebanese (most of us) we do not ask about the programs, achievements and experience. All what we care about is who is running with who? We are constantly trying to predict results (note that this is not only in Lebanon even in developed countries their obsession with predicting results hence polls, which could be very bad). But I have to give a break to the Lebanese people since all of them seem to be EXPERT in only ONE field and this is foreign relations! But anything that is domestic we do not have any clue. The elections are in 2 month and we still are not aware of many candidates’ names and stands? My suggestion is for all the candidates to start campaigning and discuss their political programs. Then, when the list is created they can continue their campaign or retract themselves.

Written by Saturday, 4 April 2009 00:00

I the Crowd - Malek El Khazen

Welcome to my Blog. The purpose of this Blog is to keep you updated with my articles, and political views. Your comments and opinion are much appreciated.
 I believe the main role of a government is to create a safe environment for its citizen. The first and only common reason in any "unstable" country is economical alienation of the population. Through lack of job stability, security and education leaders use social, geographic, ethnic, or religion differences  to assemble the crowd and lead them to extreme positions.