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Sophie Gilbert, The Atlantic

LinkedIn is a lot of things: A convenient place to upload your resume online, a weird portal for “thinkfluencers” to post inspirational screeds about leadership à la, a site that indulges the 2008 Facebook dream by telling you (albeit in very limited ways) who’s been checking out your profile.

But it is also, indisputably, the social network of choice among older men.

The evidence for this is both anecdotal (everyone’s dad loves LinkedIn) and statistical (37% of LinkedIn’s users are over 50, users skew predominantly male, and fully 85% are 30 or older).

The knowledge of this used to be vaguely comforting — on any given day, you could log in, and find a wealth of posts detailing “Ten Tips for Talking Technology” and “How to Pursue Lifelong Learning.” But this week, after the 27-year-old English barrister Charlotte Proudman tweeted a LinkedIn message sent to her by a much older partner at a law firm complimenting her on her “stunning picture!!!,” two things became clear.

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Satya Nadella wearing a shirt with the the new Windows 10 logo, a fire-breathing unicorn.

Once, not so long ago, "computing" was synonymous with Microsoft Windows. But thanks to the rise of the smartphone and tablet, those days are behind us. 

That's not to say that the new Windows 10 operating system is bad — far from it. It's even gotten me to switch from my MacBook to a Windows laptop, full time. 

In terms of pushing the industry forward, though, Windows 10 isn't doing much. The PC market is still shrinking, Microsoft still has a tiny sliver of the mobile market, and Windows 10 doesn't seem to be doing anything to stop those slides.The good news for Microsoft is that doesn't matter. Microsoft, under the leadership of CEO Satya Nadella, has a master plan:  Make Office into the new Windows.

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That's a 100 million bump for Messenger, a 150 million pop for Groups, and a 100 million surge for WhatsApp since Facebook's last update in March. That's three months ago.