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How Has Social Media, Mobile Technology Affected Teens’ Dating Lives?
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By David Cohen

Romance among teenagers has become a lot more complicated than sending your friend over to ask your crush’s friend if they like you.

Pew Research Center surveyed more than 1,000 teens (aged 13 through 17) to determine the impact of technology on their dating and romantic life, and its findings included:

Pew Research Center associate director for research Amanda Lenhart, lead author of the report, said in a release announcing its findings:

Digital platforms are powerful tools for teens for flirting, wooing, connecting with and even showing off a romantic partner, but even as teens enjoy greater closeness with partners and a chance to display their relationships for others to see, mobile and social media can also be tools for jealousy, meddling and even troubling behavior.

Readers: Did any of Pew’s findings surprise you?

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