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Hail to the Chief President Michel Suleiman,
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Hail to the Chief President Michel Suleiman,

His excellency General Michel Suleiman  brilliant leadership as he rose to the Lebanese presidency  has strengthen the office of the Presidency role Thanks to our  President Suleiman he invited all Lebanese leaders to join his cabinet in prominent roles. Suleiman success is founded in a character that had been forged by experiences that raised him above  current Lebanese leaders.

He has strengthen the office of the presidency and Lebanese constitution. Through the power of the office he was able to implement equal laws of Lebanese unity  in terms of resolving congestion, gaz prices, pollution, economic alienation.

Lebanese are stronger with President Suleiman support to the the constitution and local laws. While other Lebanese leaders live on apology, they are part of the government  since years (either some members of the 14 and 8 March)  and never take responsibility as they consider themselves above the people or the "chosen one". As a lebanese citizen I am grateful of the leadership and strength of our current President. through the benediction and Moral support of our Patriarch Mar Bechara el Rahi