Historical De Khazen Members
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The main purpose of this page is to introduce the great fathers of the Lebanese nation and more specifically of the Maronites. Current Members of the El Khazen family are cordially invited to send us the profile and analysis of their ancestors (Fathers, Grandfather's etc.)


       Barbar Beik El Khazen [English]
Patriach Toubia Kaiss El Khazen(Biography & Life Part1 Part2) (Arabic)
         Patriach Youssef Dargham El Khazen (Cont'd)
Cheikh Bishara Jafal El Khazen
         Patriarch Youssef Raji El Khazen
The Martyrs Cheikh Philippe & Cheikh Farid El Khazen
Cheikh Nawfal El Khazen (Consul De France)
Cheikh Hossun El Khazen (Consul De France)
Cheikh Abou-Nawfal El Khazen (Consul De France)
Cheikh Francis Abee Nader & his son Yousef
Cheikh Abou-Kanso El Khazen (Consul De France)
Cheikh Abou Nader El Khazen
Cheikh Chafic El Khazen
Cheikh Keserwan El Khazen
Cheikh Serhal El Khazen
Cheikh Rafiq El Khazen
Cheikh Hanna El Khazen
          Cheikha Arzi El Khazen

         Marie El Khazen










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