Patriarch Youssef Dargham el Khazen

Patriarch Youssef Dargham El Khazen
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The Khazen family's history has been aligned for decades with the Maronite Church's history and has contributed actively to its widespread and greatness. One of the most notable Khazens to have entered the Church is Youssef Dargham El Khazen, as he has served the Maronite Church honourably for years and was elected as Maronite Patriarch in 1728.


Throughout the next few weeks, we will be posting about Patriarch Dargham, his personal life, his career within the Maronite Church and how he was voted Maronite Patriarch as well as the accomplishments during his 9 years rule. 


Patriarch Youssef Dargham El Khazen
Written by Abi nasr Marie-therese Thursday, 14 April 2005 00:00
Patriarch Youssef Dargham El Khazen


He was the first De Khazen family member to become Maronite Patriarch In a series of three members had the same position during the 18th and 19th century (the other two members were Patriarch Toubia Kaiss El Khazen and Patriarch Youssef Raji El Khazen).

Son of Abou Kansou Fayad El Khazen , son of Abee Nawfal Nader , son of Abee Nader Khazen , son of Abee Saker Ibrahim son of Shediaq Sarkis El Khazen.
Before he becomes a Cleric, he was married and famously known for advocating the Christian Maronite faith and its clergy.