Cheikh Chafic el Khazen
Written by Najib

Cheikh Chafic El Khazen (1905-1977)

Cheikh Chafic El Khazen was the son of Barbar Beik El Khazen, (أمير آلاي الجند اللبناني), and Ms. Therese Ghandour Beik El Saad, sister of Habib Bacha el Saad. He was born in 1905 in Ghosta.

He was taught the basics in education by a private tutor, and then he enrolled in Antoura School where he completed his secondary education by achieving a Baccalaureate in Sciences.
He enrolled then in the Saint Joseph University and graduated in 1926 with a law degree.
He married in 1931 Ms. Mary, daughter of Dr. Youssef Massaad and had five children:
- Marie-Therese : wife of Renee Homsi, she died in 1981 at the age of 49. She has a daughter, Lina, wife of Cheikh Badih Hobeiche.
- Cheikh Farouk: Has two daughters Lisa and Lara.
- Cheikh Fady: Has three children, Malek, Manal and Mayssa .
- Cheikh Walid: Has four children, Sari, Chafic, Nour and Tayma' .
- Saria: Wife of Dr. John Arslan, has two children Maria and Victor.


In 1927, he was appointed judge in the mixed courts and stayed in the law field until 1952, where he filled many positions, before working as an individual judge in the areas of Zgharta and Tripoli. Afterwards, he was appointed as a referral judge in Beirut working directly with the magistrate.  His privileges were the same as those of the Accusatory Body which was introduced later on.

He became famous for his diligence through judgments and decisions that were published in magazines. Later on he was appointed head of Beirut’s appeal court and head of the Publications crimes room as well as other legal rooms.

In 1952, he was named Director in the Interior Ministry, a ministry that had a lot of jurisdictions and responsibilities in the security and management fields. In fact, this directorship included the Public Security Directorate, the police, the gendarmerie, personal status affairs, refugees, governors, municipalities etc.

Cheikh Chafic assumed for approximately 10 months office until the resignation of the Lebanese President Cheikh Bechara el Khoury and the election of President Camille Chamoun. He was appointed to the same position  for over 10 years later on during his career.

In 1953, he was appointed Governor of the Beqaa area.

In 1956, he became a general inspector for the Lebanese state.

Cheikh Chafic stayed director of the interior Ministry until his retirement in 1969, and served across the presidencies of Bechara el Khoury, Camille Chamoun, Fouad Chehab and Charles el Helou and Sleiman Frangieh. Under his jurisdiction and responsibilities he led the security and management fields as it included the Public Security Directorate director of the Surete General, the police, the gendarmerie,  personal status affairs, refugees, governors, municipalities etc.

While the armed faction of the Palestinian refugees had to leave Palestine because of the conflict with the King of Jordan, Cheikh Chafic has warned Lebanese presidents, Prime Ministers and Parliament of the danger of  welcoming the armed factions of the PLO in Lebanon. He strongly lobbied against an open border policy.

Cheikh Chafic was known for his determination, loyalty and righteousness, for when he spoke, he was decisive and honest.

When Cheikh Farid Haykal el Khazen passed away, there was a popular demand asking Cheikh Chafic to succeed to the great Farid and inherit his political position, but Cheikh Chafic refused to engage in political battles.


Since 1952, Cheikh Chafic has been following up on the dangers that surround Lebanon and pointing them out, concluding at one point that the country fell to the greed of the greedy.  He would repeatedly say that the Lebanese Directorate is unqualified to enforce the principles of the state, and follows tight sectarian and political considerations. More importantly, he emphasized on the politicians’ lack of seriousness in effectively participating in improving the country, and accused them of using their own parties and powers for personal interests.

Cheikh Chafic holds many medals both local and international. He participated in several local and foreign conferences and presented a buckload of new laws and proposals related to organizing the different ministries’ departments and the interior ministry. He also supervised many electoral rounds and published studies on the electoral law. His wisdom and acuteness led a lot of people to seek advice from him.

He passed away on the 23rd of August 1977 as he was suffering from an incurable disease, and was buried in his home church at Saint Antoine al Badwani in Ghosta. 



Cheikh Chafic el Khazen during an official visit to (Monrovia - Liberia)       With PM Hajj Hussein el Oueini & General Noujeim commander in chief of Leb Army



Cheikh Chafic & Cheikh Fady (Fete nationale de la Chine au Liban)                        During a visit to Anjar to inaugurate a monument



With Ahmad Beik el Ahbab  President De La Cour des Comptes                          With the American Ambassador Mr Raymond Hare



With South American Representative                                                 With South American Representatives & Cheikh Khalil Hobeiche



With Georges Zouein (ex-MP) and Najla el Khazen             With Prime Minister Sami Beik el Solh during a decoration ceremony for Cheikh Fouad el Khoury 




With Prime Minister  Takieddine el Solh                                                                             With the judges during a decoration ceremony


 Marie Massaad el Khazen daughter of Dr. Joseph Massaad & Wife of Cheikh Chafic el Khazen



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