Cheikh Keserwan El Khazen
Written by Najib


Date of Birth: July 1879 in Faraya.
Husband of Juliette Louis El Khazen and Father of 4 children: Amin - Lily - Nayla - Ghassan.

Positions occupied during the Ottoman Reign:

- Director of Zouk (district Kesrouan) July 2nd 1898.
- Director of Bikfaya April 3rd 1902.
- Director of Zouk December 15th 1902.
- Director of Becharre January 21st 1903.
- Director of Jord Kesrouan March 1st 1904.
Middle and High School education: College des peres Lazaristes Antoura

Positions occupied after the Ottoman Reign:
- Mayor of Batroun November 6th 1916.
- Mayor of Metn May 19th 1920.
- Mutassarref of Mount Lebanon September 1st 1920, when General Gouraud proclaimed Greater Lebanon.
- Mutassarref of North Lebanon September 11th 1923.
- Administrator of Saida August 10th 1924.
- Administrator of Batroun April 27th 1927.
- Administrator of North Lebanon February 1st 1930.
- Head Inspector of Administrative Services and Controller of Municipalities September 5th 1932
(Quit the administration January 1st 1933 and entered into politics)

- Candidate for the legislative elections in 1937 on the unified list set by the French authorities in Mount Lebanon.
- Candidate at the legislative elections in 1943 on the National Bloc list.
- Co-Founder of the National Bloc Party which saw the light when he lived in Naccache in 1946.
- President of the party until 1952.
- Dean of the El Khazen family until his death January 6th 1966.

Awards and achievements:
- Many papal awards.
- Knight of the Legion of Honor of France in 1923.
- Officer of the Legion of Honor of France in 1949.
- Knight of the National Order of the Cedars.
- Commander of the National Order of the Cedars.